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The Council shall stand dissolved at the end of two years immediately before elections during the AGM.

In the event of dissolution or folding up of the Society as provided in this constitution and subject to the law of the land, the assets and liabilities of the Society shall be fully transferred to the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja.

The Council shall have power to impose the following disciplinary measures on any member or officer of the Council for serious misconduct:

  • Fine
  • Suspension; and
  • Expulsion

Expelled members shall forfeit all the rights and privileges of membership.



The administration of the Society shall be vested in the Council.

The Council shall consist of all elected Officers and the Immediate Past President.

To be nominated for or elected a member of the Council a candidate must be knowledgeable in the business of the Society, must have attended (at least) the last three consecutive

Conferences/AGM of the Society and must have paid annual dues in the last three years.

To be elected a member of the Council, a candidate must obtain a majority of the votes cast by the members present, voting in an open ballot.

The Council shall meet at least once before the annual Conference/AGM on date(s) and at venue(s) to be decided by the Council.

Items for inclusion in the agenda of any meeting of the Council, from whatever source, shall be forwarded to the Secretariat to reach him not later than one month before the meeting.

The President in consultation with the Secretary shall have the power to determine the items to be included on the agenda and order of listing.

The agenda of the Council’s meeting together with the supporting papers shall be made available to the members of Council.

The President shall preside over the meeting of the Council, and in his absence, the Vice-president, and in the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, any other person elected by a majority of the Council members present.


Business of Council Meetings

The business of the Council meeting shall be the consideration and determination of any matter included on the agenda.

It shall be the duty of the Council to

Safeguard and further the interests of members of the Society.

Carry out the policies determined by the AGM.

Ensure proper and strict observance of the rules of the Society by the members both individually and collectively.

Safeguard the funds of the Society.

Set up such departments or committees as it may deem necessary for the smooth and orderly conduct of the affairs of the Society.

Issue directives for the proper governance and administration of the Society’s affairs.

Perform such other functions as may promote the objectives of the Society.

Every question at a meeting of the Council shall be decided by a majority of votes of members present.

No officer or member of the Council shall be entitled to take part in any discussion or to vote on any matter in which he is personally interested.

The Council may make a report to the AGM on any matter as it deems necessary.

The Council shall have the power to set up Ad hoc committees.

The Current and the Immediate Past Local Organizing Committees’ (LOC) Chairmen of Conferences may be invited to attend the Council meeting to give their reports.

The Director & Chief Executive of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja or his representative may be invited to attend the Council meeting.



The Council shall comprise the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, the Editor-In-Chief, the Business Manager, two Ex-Officio members, the Immediate Past President and a representative of Nigerian Women in Mathematics (NWM).

All officers of the Council shall be elected at the AGM; except for the Editor-In-Chief and the Representative of the NWM.

The Editor-In-Chief shall be elected/selected by the Council

The Representative of the NWM shall be nominated by the Council of the NWM and the name of such nominee shall be forwarded to the AGM via a written letter to the Secretariat of the NMS.

All Officers of the Council shall be elected for a period of two years at a time provided no person shall hold the same elected position for more than two consecutive terms.

Any officer of the Council may resign his office at any time subject to three months notice (waiver may apply).

On resignation or removal from office, an officer of the Society shall hand over all Society’s properties in his possession to the Secretariat of the Society, and shall settle any debt owed by him/her to the Society.

The Council may remove any Officer for the just cause after due process, subject to the right of appeal to the AGM.

An Officer removed by the Council shall stand removed until the AGM decides otherwise.
The Council shall have the power to appoint specialized and other staff to facilitate the smooth administration of the Council. The emoluments of such staff shall be determined by the Council and charged to the account of the Society.

Members and non-members of the Society shall be eligible for appointment as staff of the Society.



The President shall preside at all AGM and at the meetings of the Council. He shall sign the minutes of the Council and of the AGM. He shall together with the Treasurer, sign vouchers for all payments; keep himself in close touch with activities of the Secretariat and ensure that the affairs of the Society are conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and the laws of the land.

The Vice-President shall generally assist the President in the performance of his duties and act for the President whenever the President is unable or unavailable, for any reason whatsoever, to perform the duties of his office.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the records of the Society. He shall be responsible for issuing membership number, keeping records of all meetings and control of the website of the society. He shall be in charge of all paid staff of the Society, compile, maintain and update a Roll call of Members and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Council or AGM.

The Assistant Secretary shall generally assist the Secretary in the performance of his duties and act for the Secretary whenever the Secretary is unable or unavailable, for any reason whatsoever, to perform the duties of his office.

The Treasurer shall collect all revenues accrued to Society and pay the same to the Bank. He shall disburse funds and render reports of expenditures to the Council and the AGM. He shall keep all financial records of the Society.

The Business Manager shall be in charge of the sales of the journals and all other publications of the Society, device strategies of attracting funds to the Society and give report to the Council and the AGM accordingly. All payments are to be made directly into the Bank Account(s) of the Society.

The Editor-In-Chief shall be responsible for the quality and production of Society’s journal and other publications of the Society.

The Immediate Past President shall play an advisory role in the Council and AGM.
The Ex-Officio members shall carry out duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Council.



The auditors shall be appointed by the Council subject to ratification by the AGM
Audited accounts shall be presented to the AGM annually for ratification or otherwise.

Where new auditors are appointed or elected, the handing over notes by the previous auditors shall indicate what amounts of money are in the accounts of the Society at the time of handing over. In addition, all files, documents, cheque books and other such properties shall be transferred to the new executives within two weeks after election.

If the Treasurer’s report is not satisfactory to the Council and the AGM, then the AGM shall elect Three Internal Auditors to look into the book of accounts and financial transactions of the Society.

The Internal Auditors shall have full access to all books of accounts, vouchers and other documents of Society which they may consider necessary.

The Auditors shall prepare a report on the financial position of the Society and the manner in which the accounts have been kept in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Affairs’ Acts and submit its findings to the AGM.



Five Trustees of the Society (comprising of four (4) Fellows and one (1) non-Fellow member) shall be elected by the AGM on the recommendation of Council and shall hold office for a period of five years (and can be re-elected for another five years).

All the properties of the Society shall be vested in the Trustees jointly on trust for the Society and the Trustees shall deal with the same in the interest and to the benefit of the Society or as may be directed by the Council.

A Trustee may be removed from office by the Council on the grounds of ill-health, unsoundness of mind, relocation from the country or for any other reasons which might make him unable to perform the duties of his office or unsuitable for such office.

Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of a Trustee, it shall be filled temporarily by the Council until the next AGM.



Following the dissolution of the Council, an electoral committee comprising of three members shall be nominated by the AGM to conduct the election of new Council members in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of this constitution. One of the three members shall serve as the Chairman.

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