Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The supreme authority of the Society shall be vested in the AGM.
The AGM shall be composed of:

  • The Council
  • All registered members of the Society.
  • The AGM shall be held annually.



  1. Items proposed for inclusion in the agenda of the AGM from whatever source must reach the Secretariat not later than one month before the Meeting.

  2. The Council shall propose an agenda for the AGM which shall be ratified at the Meeting.

  3. The agenda of the AGM, together with supporting papers, shall be distributed to all members at the venue of meeting.

  4. The President shall preside over the AGM, and in his absence, the Vice-president or The Secretary; and in the absence of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary, any other person elected by a majority of the delegates present shall preside.

  5. Nobody who is not a member shall attend the AGM or take any part in the proceedings unless otherwise decided by the majority of members at the Meeting itself.

  6. The business of the Meeting shall be the consideration and determination of the Society’s policy matters, reports from Council, election of officers and any other items on the agenda.

  7. The Meeting shall constitute one constituency for the purpose of electing the Council.

  8. In furtherance of its business, the Meeting may set up committees for a detailed examination or investigation of any issue, and any such committee shall report its findings and recommendations back to the Meeting-in-session.
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