International Mathematical Congress, Saint-Petersburg

The next International Mathematical Congress (ICM) will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, from 6 to 14 July.
I attended the 2018 ICM, and I was impressed.

For young people as many of us, attending that conference may have
a very positive impact on your career.

The funding process is open. Applications submitted before  March 31, 2021, will have top priority.

I urge all our members to apply before that date. Dr. Harouna will be the coordinator.

To apply, proceed as follows.

1. Register to ICM 2022: and take note of your ICM22 number.
2. Application to a grant CHEBYCHEV:

3. Be back to your ICM account and edit the link  (GRANTS & WM^2)
and select (I have applied for a Chebyshev Grant through

4. For women, visit the Women association and apply there also:


A.U. Bello, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Mathematics Institute
(Emerging Regional Center of Excellence

of the European Mathematical Society (EMS)

African University of Science and Technology
km 10, Airport Road, Galadimawa Junction, Abuja.

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