Vision & Mission

The Principal Objects of the Society shall be as follows:

Promotion of the study of the theoretical, computational and applied aspects of mathematical sciences.

Organization of annual national conference(s) and offering support to local affiliate(s) of the society in organizing local or regional conferences or sessions at other major conferences.

Maintaining the Nigerian Mathematical Society web page and the electronic communications with members of the society.

Maintaining a comprehensive database of all Mathematical Scientists who are members of the society.

Publications of the journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society (JNMS)

Publication of mathematics books and the furtherance dissemination and popularization of mathematical knowledge.

Encouraging Research interaction between members and also providing links to graduate/Ph.D students.

Establishment of links between the Society and other similar societies all over the world.

Raising of fund to provide full/partial support to the graduate/Ph.D students and members who are not financially buoyant to attend conferences within and outside the country.

Such other objects as would promote the research and academic growth of members.

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