Sep 17, 2021

NMS Membership and the Membership Portal!!!

Members of the Nigerian Mathematical Society can register for membership through our online portal.

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Prospective Members will be required to fill and submit the registration form as well as make payment for registration to get membership certificate.

To register, members or prospective members will first be required to sign up through the link and then login to their respective member area through the link

All members should ensure that payment Card used are activated for online banking by their financial institution. Cards not activated will not allow for a successful online payment.

All Membership payments are all to be done through this online gateway

To make payment, click on "Membership" after you are logged in. Click on the amount assigned by the right end of the page and follow the instructions that comes up, proceed to complete payment.

Nigerian Mathematical society membership dues are as categorized: 

1. Fresh Student Membership: N3000.00

2. Old Student Membership (Student Membership Renewal):    N2500.00

3. Fresh Non Student membership: N6000.00

4. Old Non Student Membership (Membership Renewal): N5000.00.

If payment attempt fails, kindly send an email to

Membership certificates are generated online after payment. You can click on "My Membership" menu to generate and print your membership certificate anytime after payment. Each certificate expires on the next September 30 after payment.

Members will also find where to register for conferences after login to the membership portal to update their records in the member area. Payments for conferences of any particular year are only allowed after an official announcement of the conference on our website.

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